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Puerto Sotogrande, S.A. banks on Quality and the Environment for the development of its activity with the objective to improve competitive skills and improve the service offered to our clientèle, to grow as a company and obtain a better position in our market.

Puerto Sotogrande considers that a quality management system is totally relational with a system of environmental management, likewise, both aspects must be integrated in the general management of the company and in all areas in which it operates.

The implantation of Quality Systems in 2008 and the periodic revisions have identified clear objectives to obtain continued improvement in both systems and reduce the environmental impact that our activity could suppose.

Consequently, the company undertakes to provide the human resources and necessary materials to enable said aims to be fulfilled.

Each and every member of the work force is responsible for the quality of the services, the possible environmental impact, together with the resulting satisfaction of our clientèle and for that they make every effort to develop their professional role in Puerto Sotogrande, S.A.

The Management, together with the workers are those directly responsible for compliance to this policy and the practical development of the management principals established in the area concerned.

To comply with this policy is the responsibility of all the individual workers of Puerto Sotogrande, S.A. The Management and the responsible parties for each area of operation is directly implicated in the development of the principals of this policy, established in the competent area.

For all the above, the MANAGEMENT of Puerto Sotogrande, S.A., promises to:

  • Comply and induce compliance to the established requirements for the clients, just as the legal regulations and requirements, of the environmental aspects and any other application of our activity.
  • Establish the necessary mechanisms to foment the practical and responsible participation of all the personnel, in a continuous improvement, showing them their suggestions will be attended to and taken into account to ensure that their work is more efficient and satisfactory.
  • Develop the training of all the workers, establishing the necessary channels to guarantee that the personnel has sufficient and adequate training which is integrated with an overall philosophy of the organisation.
  • Establish the necessary mechanisms to periodically evaluate the efficiency of our processes and services.
  • Maintain a continuous control on our suppliers to ensure that they assist us in satisfying our clients.
  • Regularly check the alignment between the policy of Quality and Environment, with the vision of our organisation to modify as necessary and establish objectives for Quality and Environment that help us to meet the basic objectives of Client Satisfaction and Continuous improvement.
  • Verify that the objectives set out are reached and as necessary, adopt corrective measures to ensure that they are met.
  • An undertaking of continuous maintenance of the Quality Management and Environmental System to guarantee that the current policy is adequate.

The Management