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Important questions of this Royal Decree


Important questions of this Royal Decree

In this sense, the most important questions of this Royal Decree Law which has come into force on 09/10/2018 are:
1. The type of boat known as RHIB, with certain characteristics which can accredit that they are to be destined for smuggling activity, are to be qualified and established as “forbidden material”.
2. Pneumatic and / or semi-rigid boats that can be used for maritime navigation (lakes, reservoirs and similar waters are excluded) with a length of 8 metres or less and that have mounted engines with a power equal to, or greater than, 150 KW, likewise, those vessels whose length exceeds 8 metres, together with, any other vessels of a smaller size where the existence of elements, or where
4. there are rational indications that they are intended to be used to commit or facilitate the commission of a crime of contraband is proven. Indications are listed that can be used to determine this categorization.
5. It is established as an obligation on the part of any operator of pneumatic or semi-rigid vessels, for their registration in the Special Registry of Operators of Pneumatic and Semi-rigid High-Speed Boats that has been created for that purpose.

Full Royal Decree

  • 30 Oct, 2018

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