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Presentation of the Atlantic Gate Rally 2015


Presentation of the Atlantic Gate Rally 2015

Puerto de Sotogrande has presented the Atlantic Gate Rally 2015, the Race Stages, linking Ibiza and Lanzarote, with stops in Puerto Almerimar and our next Autumn.

It is “a rally that combines sailing, safety and fun,” says the director of the race, Antonio Escribano. The organization includes more than two hundred sailors divided into several divisions for amateur sailboats, classic, lonely, and all kinds of IR system.

Atlantic Gate Rally will be released on October 25, San Antonio (Ibiza) to make its first stop in Almerimar (El Ejido) and follow road days later to the town of San Roque, the end of the second set and exit point (4 November 2015) of the “queen stage of the race, which runs 633 miles from Sotogrande to Lanzarote”

  • 31 Jul, 2015

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