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The iron man of deep


The iron man of deep

The Exosuit is the latest and most revolutionary robotic suit the world, a portable manned submarine built by the Canadian company Research Nuytco Ltd and has approximately a million and a half dollars.

It is made of an aluminum alloy, with articulated joints that allows the diver inside move arms and legs freely, down to depths of 300 meters, stay up to five hours on the bottom and back to the surface without having to go through decompressive periods.


Connected to the surface via an umbilical cable which gives power, voice, video and data allows for example to help the diver with the video system and navigation remotely and even make it back to the surface if any complication or situation emergency.

It has four propellers diver controlled by pedals, which allow horizontal and vertical scrolling, as well as an advanced system that reuses Rebreather Carbon dioxide exhaled with support for 50 hours.

  • 16 Oct, 2014
  • The iron man of deep,

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