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A detachable Sailboat


A detachable Sailboat

For those who do not want to stay with the desire to navigate your own sailboat, now also have a very innovative solution. This is the Tiwal 3.2 project into two suitcases hiding a small sailboat to enjoy the waves in any aquatic destination. It is a step for those who already control the practice of paddle surfing or those longing for their first sailing Optimist.

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According to the manufacturer, the estimated time for assembly of the boat about 20 minutes. The hull inflatable PVC on a base of 3.2 meters in length, while the rest of the rig are interconnected parts and structures together. The candle provides 5.2 square meters, although there is also a version of seven meters.

The Tiwal 3.2 sailboat is a design collaboration with Marion Excoffon Fritsch-Durisotti. The boat uses two sports bags for transport, each weighing about 28 kilos and have a size of 150x40x35 centimeters (about three times a suitcase cabs). Its total weight is 50 kilos water with room for two adults or one adult and two children can sail four knots.

  • 29 Oct, 2014

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